ALBA MP Neale Hanvey has been booed by MPs at Westminster as he announced Alex Salmond’s suspension of his show on RT.

Hanvey had stood up to speak in a debate on the situation in Ukraine after Vladimir Putin’s troops launched a “full-scale invasion” of the nation.

The Alba MP, who leads the party at Westminster, said: "This morning, we woke to the worst possible news, and I make no apology and hoping for a diplomatic solution.

"However my party and I condemn the escalating Russian aggression. This is a fluid and developing situation but we are now in uncharted territory.

"I can update the house that whilst there have been calls in this place for Alex Salmond to cease broadcasting on Russia Today, negotiations have obviously been happening in the background and I can confirm that he has suspended broadcasting."

While he was speaking, Hanvey faced jeers from the other MPs in the House.

Salmond had faced criticism from across the political spectrum for broadcasting on RT as the situation in Ukraine escalated.

On Thursday afternoon, the former first minister announced he would suspend his show on the channel until peace could be restored.

Responding to Hanvey, Johnson said he did not agree that there could be a “diplomatic solution”.

The Prime Minister said: "I must say I disagree profoundly with what he had to say about negotiating now. I don't think that that option is open to us. We must do our best to support and protect the people of Ukraine and working with our international friends and allies to constrict what Vladimir Putin can do."

Johnson added that the “pleas he [Salmond] entered in defence and mitigation” of his RT show “don't seem to cut much ice”.