THE UK Government has been roundly mocked after announcing the launch of a review into the economic benefits of a reintroduction of imperial measures.

The report is to be overseen by the UK Government’s business department, despite Jacob Rees-Mogg having recently taken on the newly created role of “Minister for Brexit Opportunities”.

The former leader of the House of Commons started out by asking the public to recommend any opportunities they knew, which also led to widespread mockery.

In a list of “Brexit opportunities” released by the UK Government in September 2021, the return of the “crown stamp” to pint glasses was listed alongside a return to imperial measures.

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Neither was prohibited under EU law, although metric units and European Conformity marks had to appear as well.

Now, the Tories have set out to launch a review into whether such a return to pounds and ounces would actually have any economic benefit.

Under the metric system, 1000 grams equal one kilogram. Under the imperial, there are 16 ounces to a pound and 14 pounds to a stone. One ounce is roughly equivalent to 28 grams.

Conservative business minister Paul Scully said reintroducing imperial measurements would be “an important step in taking back control” and that an “assessment of the economic impact on business will be carried out in due course”.

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However, the review has been widely condemned as a waste of public money, with the SNP’s Philippa Whitford (above) asking if the story wasn’t a “spoof”.

The University of Strathclyde's Professor Tanja Bueltmann said: “It may seem a weird comment from a historian, but let me say this again: if your approach for future policy is essentially a recreation of the past, it usually means you have no actual ideas of any substance.”

Brexit in a nutshell,” she added.

Broadcaster Gavin Esler wrote: “I don’t object to Rees-Mogg wasting his own time (damage limitation) but wasting that of our excellent civil servants in this nonsense is ludicrous.”

Businesswoman and Dragon’s Den star Deborah Meaden added: “So now we waste money on a study on economic benefits of reintroducing imperial units.There are none. There you go… now stop wasting our money.”