IAN Blackford has demanded the Prime Minister corrects his suggestions Alex Salmond remained connected to the SNP.

The Prime Minister twice made reference to Alex Salmond as being one of the SNP’s “very own” while mentioning the former First Minister’s show on RT.

Blackford said the SNP was being “traduced” by Johnson adding: “He is not a member of the Scottish National Party, indeed he is a member of another party and moreover, the SNP has made it quite clear that no parliamentarian is permitted to appear on RT.”

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The comments were “unacceptable” and Blackford called on the Prime Minister to withdraw the remarks.

During questioning from the SNP leader, Johnson called Salmond one of the party’s “own”, while slamming the now Alba Party leader’s show on the Kremlin-backed broadcaster RT.

Ofcom is reviewing the broadcaster’s licence in light of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which RT has attempted to justify.

Responding to a question from the Liberal Democrats’ Jamie Stone, in which he said it was “an absolute disgrace” Salmond appeared on the station.

Johnson said the question was “powerful” but added: “Would it not have been more powerful, had it come from the leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party?”

The Prime Minister had left the room shortly before Blackford’s remarks, which came after Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday.

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The Speaker said: "You have put it on the record. He is no longer a member of the SNP or the leader of the SNP – that was many years ago.

"He is now a member of the Alba party as I understand it, it’s now been corrected and I’m sure everyone is aware."

Blackford told The National he was satisfied with the Speaker's response. 

Nicola Sturgeon has also called for RT's licence to be revoked and said no politician in the UK should appear on the channel. 

Ross Greer, the Scottish Greens' external affairs spokesperson said Slamond's involvement with the station was "causing real reputational damage to Scotland". 

He added: "If he and the Kremlin’s other useful idiot George Galloway still possessed an ounce of integrity they’d quit that channel immediately. The fact that neither will speaks volumes.”