THE UK Government is facing backlash over reports it plans to back-pedal on a proposed ban of fur and foie gras imports.

The BBC reported that the Tories are considering a U-turn on the Animal Abroad Bill measures amid Cabinet opposition on banning the imports from entering the UK.

Farmers in the UK are already prohibited from producing foie gras, a liver-based luxury French food that involves force-feeding ducks or geese. Fur farming in the UK has also been outlawed since 2000.

The Scottish Greens and animal rights group Peta have denounced the plans, labelling the imports “cruel”. Peta said the practices have “no place in modern Britain”.

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It’s understood Brexit Opportunities Minister Jacob Rees-Mogg is unhappy with the proposals, arguing it would restrict consumer choice while having little impact on animal welfare.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace is reported to be against the plans to ban fur imports, used to make military hats worn by Guardsmen. Wallace said the fur is responsibly sourced.

But campaigners disagree and say the banning of both fur and foie gras have widespread support and would increase animal welfare in the UK.

Scottish Greens MSP Maggie Chapman said: “These imports should have been banned a long time ago. The foie gras and fur industries are extremely cruel and inflict terrible suffering on animals. These imports fuel that suffering.

“The commitment to ban imports has already received widespread support from the public and politicians from across the political spectrum, so any backward step is very concerning.

“Whether it is attempts to water down the fox hunting ban or threats to U-turn on these cruel imports, it is clear that the Tories cannot be trusted to uphold animal rights.”

Peta’s director Elisa Allen said: “Every kind and decent person agrees that there is no place in modern Britain for fur or foie gras, both of which are products of appalling cruelty.

“They are unnecessary and so disgustingly abusive that they are illegal to produce in the UK.

“The Government has long promised to close our borders to such atrocities by implementing an import ban on both – legislation which is welcomed by everyone in this country except the inherently selfish.

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“If the Government were to backtrack, it would be betraying not only the animals, who desperately need a caring nation to defend them, but also the public, which has made its opposition to these items clear, simply to pander to the interests of a vile, vocal Conservative cabal callous enough to allow animals to be exploited in these – and other – industries.”

The UK Government has said a final decision has not been made but said it was "united in its commitment to upholding its world-leading standards in animal welfare".

A Scottish Government spokesperson said: “We take animal welfare very seriously and are determined to ensure the highest possible standards in Scotland.

"Many of the measures in the proposed Animals Abroad Bill concern devolved matters and it will be­ for Scottish Ministers to decide how to take these forward in Scotland."