SCOTTISH comedian Susie McCabe has been praised for "hitting the nail on the head" over Westminster's reluctance to allow an independence referendum.

McCabe told BBC's Debate Night that "English introverted nationalism" is to blame for the current UK Government. 

She said: "Since 2014, we've had three General Elections and an EU referendum. And I think we do now look at Westminster differently, and to the girl who's 19 who said oh it's not about one prime minister – it's not. I'm 42 years old, 29 years of my life have been ruled by a government that not that I didn't vote for or my family didn't vote for, but my country didn't vote for."

The audience then applauded.

"Yeah that's democracy. And then I travel the country and I see what's happening in the south, I see what's happening in the north of England and I've seen the red walls fall and everything like that.

"And when we discuss our relationship with Westminster now, in 2022, I don't think you're discussing that relationship through the prism of Scottish nationalism. I think we're now discussing that relationship through the prism of English nationalism because it is English introverted nationalism, that has given us our current government – a government which had to move right of centre to combat the Ukip vote."

McCabe's comments were praised on Twitter, with one saying she "hits the nail on the head" and another saying her point was "so well put".

Another Twitter user added: "Take two minutes to listen then tell me Scotland shouldn't be independent." 

Stephen L Bates said: "This hits the nail on the head, it's England that has moved away from British values not the other way round as Johnson would have us believe."