MARTIN Compston has hit out at Unionist trolls after he was attacked over his support for independence.

The Line of Duty star shut down a troll who accused him of not paying taxes in the UK.

Responding to a tweet from The National which told of how Greenock-born Compston and Alan Cumming were coming to the Glasgow Film Festival this year, the stars were branded “the Indy (non-taxpayers) Luvvies”.

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But Compston claimed he had paid more than £250,000 in tax since July 2021.

He said the huge sum should “earn me the right not to listen to Unionist troll pish” every time he was announced for events in Scotland.

Compston tweeted: “Hey Eddie since last July alone I’ve paid over a quarter of a million pounds to HMRC Cumbernauld. I don’t get credit for that it’s what I owe.”

He added: “It should earn me the right not to listen to unionist troll pish every time I’m announced to appear at an event in my home country.”

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We told previously how indy-supporting Compston’s “dream role” is to play the Edinburgh-born Irish republican James Connolly.

Speaking on RTE show Ask Me Anything, Compston, 37, said: "It was somewhere I had always wanted to go, that period of history fascinates me.

"I may be a bit young for it at the moment but to play James Connolly would be a dream role for me.

"I think people forget or people don’t know he was Scottish.”

Compston is due to appear at the Glasgow Film Festival alongside Cumming, Lulu, and Jack Lowden.

The festival runs from March 2-13 with a programme which envelops 10 world film premieres, four European premieres, 65 UK premieres, and 13 Scottish premieres.