TWITTER temporarily banned a columnist for The National after a misunderstanding involving Scots and autocorrect.

Ruth Wishart, who writes weekly for the Sunday National, had attempted to leave a complimentary message on a pretty innocuous picture of a dog named Stanley.

Musician Curtis Stigers had shared a photo of his Bernedoodle (a cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle).

“It’s Stanley’s first birthday today!” he wrote.

Ruth attempted to leave a kind message below, but all didn’t go to plan after an autocorrect mix up.

Instead of writing the Scots term “sonsie laddie”, Ruth found herself commenting: “So die laddie!”

The inadvertent message led to Ruth being temporarily banned from the social media site.

Fortunately the ban didn’t last long. Writing a few hours later, Ruth said: “Hello tweeters. I seem to be unbanned. How crass of me to use the auld Scots Tongue in a tweet.”

She told The National: "I saw a pic of a really nice pooch on Twitter this morning and replied saying 'sonsie laddie'.

"Unfortunately Twitter autocorrected this to 'So Die Laddie!' and locked my account for violating their guidelines. I probably should have paid more attention before pressing tweet, but it was VERY early in the morning.

"I got David Pratt to tweet out my dilemma, as the last time I didn't tweet for a while a neighbour came round to make sure I wasn't lying behind the door getting eaten by the dug! 

"Seems to have done the trick as I'm back on!"