MORE than two-thirds of Scots are worried about affording their energy bills this year and many already feel cold in their homes because they are limiting usage, a new poll has revealed.

The Survation poll for Advice Direct Scotland found 70% of Scots are either very worried or quite worried about being able to pay their bills.

Just under two-thirds (65%) of Scots said they have already limited their energy use in the past 12 months so they could afford to spend money on other goods or services, including food.

And of those rationing their usage, 29% said they "often" feel cold in their own home as a result and 57% "sometimes" feel cold – a total of 86%.

The poll comes as energy bills are set to rise by more than 50% in April. Calls are growing for a windfall tax on energy giants, with Labour and LibDem MPs arguing that while households are paying through the nose for gas, the companies which extract that gas are reporting massive profits.

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Concerns about affording bills this year were highest in the Highlands and Islands and central Scotland (both 77%), and highest among 35-to-44 year olds (81%).

The survey asked 1008 respondents aged 16 and over in Scotland, with fieldwork conducted between January 26 and 28 – before the price cap hike was announced.