OUTLANDER is renowned for its beautiful cinematography, showcasing the dramatic landscapes of the Highlands and the stunning castles standing throughout Scotland.

While fans may have their favourite onscreen scene from the hit Starz TV programme - and more than a few have crossed the Atlantic to visit the locations - two of the show’s stars have revealed which place in Scotland is their favourite to shoot.

Richard Rankin and Sophie Skelton spoke to The National ahead of the much anticipated sixth series, starring Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, which is due to be premiered in Glasgow in March.

The pair play couple Roger and Brianna who have been transported to the 18th-century from their 1970-80s home in Scotland.

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Asked where their favourite place to shoot a scene in the time-travelling series is, Skelton and Rankin both agreed.

Rankin, from Glasgow, said: “Anywhere around Gleneagles, anywhere around there is great.”

Skelton added: “It's funny because the rest of the cast obviously got to shoot in France and South Africa and all Richard and I ever hear about is how amazing South Africa was. It was warm they had wine, and it was so chill. So I think our version of South Africa is when we get to stay in a Gleneagles Hotel that feels like a vacation. Because there's a gym and there's good food and there's countryside.”

Outlander has been delayed due to the Covid pandemic, with fans labelling it “Drought-lander”.

Fans have been eagerly anticipating the new season, and Skelton, from Woodford in Greater Manchester, said viewers should expect a “full and fast-paced” Outlander from the outset of series six.

The National:

Richard Rankin and Sophie Skelton are eager for fans to watch the new season

“I think it just feels like a very different season,” Skelton said. “We've got a lot of new faces. And as ever with Outlander it's pretty action-packed but usually we at least lure you in with a bit of a false sense of security, whereas this one is just really, really full and fast-paced from the off.

“So I'm excited for the fans to just be bought straight into that energy and that speed of the season. For our characters, I think this is just the most calm, collected version of Brianna and Roger that we've had.

“They've been through a lot of trauma, and it's torn them apart, and it's torn themselves individually apart, from the inside. And now they're very settled as individuals and as a team, and I think it's a really exciting season for them as characters in that sense.”

Rankin agreed, saying fans are just happy that after so long, the "Drought-lander" will lift and Outlander will return.

He said: “Fans have been waiting quite a long time. We had to push back filming for quite a significant length of time - around about a year or so.

The National:

Fans have been urged to get ready for a 'fast-paced start to series six of Outlander

“And I'm just excited for them to have that payoff. They’ve waited and supported us through all that time, and stayed with us … not all shows have been that fortunate to keep a fan base and keep people's attention for so long. It's quite easy to lose interest.

“But they have been almost the antithesis of that and it helps keep it alive.

“I think it's a big relief first to be back.”

Asked if Roger and Briana will return to their home in 1970s Scotland, Rankin replied: “I don’t know what you are alluding to - they are home.

“They've embraced this 18th-century neighbourhood, their home. Should or shouldn't they travel to the 70s/80s in Scotland is, is perhaps a fantasy, which may or may not at some point, be fulfilled, which I would like to explore personally but at the moment is just a hypothesis.”

Speaking about their favourite scene together, Skelton recalled a time where real footage of the two actors was used in the hit programme.

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Skelton said: “I think in terms of shooting, I still actually think there's a scene in season two where we're in the car and it's one of the first times Roger and Brianna have actually hung out and we're driving through and Roger and Brianna are supposed to be a little uncomfortable with each other.

“And we got in hysterics at some stupid conversation we were having at the time.

“But it turns out that in the episode they actually ended up using the footage. They used a bunch of videos of us in the car just absolutely in hysterics. I think that's one of my favourite scenes.”

Outlander will premiere at the Glasgow Film Festival on March 3 and will be available in the UK for the general public from March 6.