CONSERVATIVE MSPs were warned several times to stop heckling Nicola Sturgeon during FMQs, as the SNP leader tried to speak on the need for Scottish independence.

Responding to a question from SNP MSP Stuart McMillan, Sturgeon touched on the various broken promises of Better Together.

As she pointed out one of the most famous claims from the No side – that the process for removing the EU citizenship would be voting Yes – Tory, Labour and LibDem MSPs could be heard shouting over the SNP leader.

“Colleagues, can we please have a bit of quiet so we can hear the First Minister,” Presiding Officer Alison Johnstone told the members.

The First Minister was then able to continue: “There’s a key point here, independence is about aspiration, it’s about empowerment, it’s about taking our destiny into our hands so we can build a better future. And I think it’s because they fear the power of that positive argument that Tories, Labour, Liberal Democrats, want to deny Scotland the choice. And what is the alternative right now? To be governed …”

Once again, the Unionist party members heckled so much that Johnstone had to step in.

“The First Minister is responding to the question,” a frustrated PO told the Chamber. “No-one else in the Chamber is responding to the question at this moment and I’m sure we’d all like to hear the answer.”

A defiant Sturgeon was finally able to complete her statement, telling Holyrood: “Any political party in this Chamber that was confident in their arguments around independence would not be desperate to deny the people of Scotland the right to make that choice.

“And the alternative to independence is to continue to be governed by parties at Westminster that we don’t vote for and right now that is by a disreputable, discredited government, and a Prime Minister frankly with no integrity, no shame and no moral compass. A Prime Minister that even Douglas Ross doesn’t think is fit for office. Scotland can do better than that, and with independence we will do better than that.”