FORMER Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson was close to tears during a TV interview when she spoke of how she felt let down by Boris Johnson's leadership.

Baroness Davidson of Lundin Links, who was ennobled by Johnson in July last year and now sits as a Conservative peer, was asked for her views on the damning Sue Gray report which was released on Monday afternoon. 

During an interview with journalist Cathy Newman, Davidson was asked what the consequences are for the country if Johnson stays as Prime Minister.

Davidson told Channel 4 News: "It doesn't matter what colour rosette you wear come election time, if you believe in institutions of this country, and I do, you don't want to see them undermined. You don't want to see them degraded.

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"To have a fabric of a society you need to have trust in the institutions that are there to both service and lead people in this country, and the degradation which is occurring day in daily as this drip, drip, drips on, it's going to be so hard to recover.

"And at a time where the resilience of this country is so low because of the last few years, because of the difficulties that we've had because of the hardships that people have faced - it is more important than ever that we have a Prime Minister that leads by example, because if you're not leading by example, at a time of national crisis, you're just not leading."

Newman followed up by adding that Davidson looked "upset" and asked if she was.

Davidson replied: "I am upset and I'm upset because not just because of things that myself and others that are in like close family and circle of friends missed and had to give up.

"But you know, I was working in the Scottish Parliament. I had constituents that lost businesses I have people that feel guilty that they didn't go to the care home to see their parents, that they didn't hug a friend a funeral because they played by the rules."

Davidson appeared close to tears, adding: "Now they look at what happened in Number 10, and they feel like idiots, and they shouldn't be made to feel like that."

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Earlier in the interview Davidson said that it was "appalling" that twelve out of the sixteen gatherings examined in the Sue Gray report "reached the threshold for potential criminality".

She added: "At a time of national crisis. I mean, the idea because this has gone on for three or four months, you know, to take a step back and just look at that, that is appalling and it makes a mockery of all the sacrifices that people in the country made to stick to the rules, rules which were being set in a building where those same rules were wilfully broken."

We previously told how SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford was kicked out of the  Commons after accusing the Prime Minister of misleading the House and being untruthful.

And, Johnson had to face MPs whilst officially under investigation by the Met - the first time a sitting PM has been at the centre of a police probe since Tony Blair was interviewed over the cash for honours scandal.