NICOLA Sturgeon has said Boris Johnson has "clearly misled parliament" following the release of Sue Gray's limited report into Downing Street parties.

The First Minister said the Prime Minister is "guilty of serial failures of leadership and judgment".

Sturgeon also warned the Tories that if they continue to allow Johnson to go on as PM they will "be complicit".

Senior civil servant Sue Gray found that a "failure of leadership" has allowed parties in Downing Street to take place through the Covid pandemic.

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She said that some of the events "should not have been allowed to take place".

Sturgeon tweeted: “The #Gray report may be heavily constrained but it is nevertheless excoriating of Boris Johnson.

“He is guilty of serial failures of leadership & judgment (& has clearly misled parliament).

“If the Tories allow him to continue as PM, they will all be complicit.”

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Nicola Sturgeon said the partygate report was 'excoriated' the Prime Minister

The 12-page document set out the allegations against Johnson and Downing Street officials and said the behaviour surrounding the gatherings is "difficult to justify" whilst the rest of the country lived under strict pandemic rules.

It adds that there was a "serious failure" to observe the standards expected of those working in government, and also the British public, at the time.

After the report, the PM headed to the House of Commons where he faced questions from MPs.

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SNP leader Ian Blackford agreed with the FM, repeatedly saying the Prime Minister had misled parliament.

Asked by House Speaker Lindsay Hoyle to take the comments back and replace them with "inadvertently misled" Blackford refused and was then kicked out of parliament.

Johnson faced a tough grilling from some of his own MPs too, with former Prime Minister Theresa May saying: "Either [the Prime Minister] hasn't read the rules, or understood the rules or didn't think the rules applied to No 10? Which is it".

But Johnson has defended himself, promising a shake-up of Number 10 and refusing demands from opposition parties - and some Tory MPs including Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross - to resign.

Gray's report also confirmed that the Metropolitan Police are investigating potentially 12 law-breaking Downing Street parties.