BORIS Johnson is a “ridiculous spectacle” who does not want to be held to account, Lorraine Kelly has said.

The Scottish presenter scolded the Prime Minister for infamously hiding in a fridge in 2019 to avoid a TV interview with Piers Morgan.

Kelly said this sort of evasion was not confined to the PM, with a minister recently refusing to go on her show.

She was speaking on The Vanity Project, a drag podcast hosted by Scottish-born drag queen Vanity von Glow.

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The presenter said voters “deserve to have questions answered” by those in power and criticised those who try to dodge accountability.

Lorraine said: “You’ve got the ridiculous spectacle of Boris Johnson hiding in a fridge rather than talking to Piers Morgan.

“You know, even today you’ve got a minister who wouldn’t turn up to be on GMB, and you think, hang on a minute - this isn’t about you liking the present or not particularly liking the show.

“Have respect for the people that watch the show - because that’s your voters, and they deserve to have questions answered. It’s that sort of arrogance of not wanting to be held to account, I think is appalling.”

She went on to talk about the distrust in government in the UK, noting the influence of American politics across the Atlantic.

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“You have to earn trust, don’t you?” she continued. “When you see, as we’ve seen in America, we’ve seen demonstrations particularly after the election when Trump pretended that it had been stolen from him - and you saw people’s anger, the storming of the Capitol - I mean people lost their lives, it was horrific. It saddens me a lot.”

“What I’ve seen over the years is the erosion of trust in government, and it’s not a surprise is it? It really isn’t a surprise is it, and we absolutely do deserve better.

Lorraine said when she started out as a presenter of TVAM she would have two ministers on who had a “healthy debate”.

“You don’t get that now, they don’t come,” she said. “Whoever’s in power will not do that.”