BORIS Johnson's popularity has plunged to the same level as Theresa May's was before she resigned, polling shows.

Pollsters Ipsos MORI found 70% of adults are now dissatisfied with Johnson.

That's an increase of 5% since December as the partygate scandal continues.

Fewer than 25% of people said they were satisfied with him, giving him an overall satisfaction rating of -46.

That's how the figures stood for May as her premiership petered out in June 2019.

And six in 10 people think the party should change its leader before the next election. Around 35% of those who voted Tory at the snap 2019 general election agree.

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Meanwhile, Labour are now nine points ahead of the Conservatives, with that gap widening since last month.

Keir Starmer's party is now on 40% to the Tories's 31%. There's been a slight increase for the LibDems and Greens to 13% and 9% respectively.

Starmer's star is also on the rise, hitting 33%, but the 48% who remain dissatisfied mean he has a net satisfaction rating of -15.

But Johnson's stock remains strong with Tory backers, of whom 57% remain satisfied.

More than 1000 adults were surveyed for London's Evening Standard newspaper betwen January 19-25 as the much-awaited Sue Gray report continues to dominate public debate.

Gideon Skinner, head of political research at Ipsos MORI, commented: "The damage to Boris Johnson in public opinion continues as seven in 10 Britons tell us they are unhappy with the job he is doing as Prime Minister – another month-on-month fall.

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"The Conservatives are falling behind Labour in the polls, while Keir Starmer’s ratings are creeping up, even if many are still to be convinced about him."

He went on: "Governing parties have come back from similar poll deficits in the past, but in recent history this combination of factors is a new – and very uncomfortable – position for Boris Johnson and his Conservatives to find themselves in."