A Glasgow true-crime podcast has delved into the mystery surrounding the death of independence campaigner Willie McRae. 

Glasgow Crime Stories looks at the city’s biggest cold cases and most shocking crimes in packed 20-minute episodes, all voiced by Scots actor Alex Norton. 

Veteran lawyer and former SNP vice-chairman Willie McRae was found unconscious on remote moorland off the A87 road in April 5, 1985.

After the man was rushed to hospital a nurse discovered a gunshot wound in his head. 

On the Sunday of his death, police found the gun used in the fatal shooting lying in the burn where the car had rested. 

The podcast features quotes of two people who came forward with witness accounts backing claims that there was more to his death than met the eye. 

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Former forklift truck driver Pat Gallagher, 63, claimed he rescued McRae from his burning flat and a confrontation with a boiler-suited man. 

Additionally, police officer John Mooney who attended the same flat fire also said his report was ignored by colleagues investigating his death. 

The episode also goes into the account of McRae's colleague and former criminal lawyer Len Murray.

The 87-year-old retired lawyer is convinced that his friend Willie McRae took his own life. 

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