SCOTLAND'S Saltire has been reimagined in the design of flags from around the world.

The redesigns of flags from nations such as Sri Lanka, Canada and even a nation much closer to home in Wales, were shared to Reddit by the user who created them in two parts.

The two images user JMASTERS_01 shared include a total of eight flags redesigned with a Scottish twist. The owner of the account noted with The National that they are not advocating that the Saltire be changed, but that the designs were an art project and "just for fun".

The first post includes the flags of Wales, Canada, Sweden and Spain.

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The dragon on the Welsh flag is replaced by Scotland's national animal, the unicorn, and the background colours are changed to blue and white. On the Spanish flag, the national crest of Scotland takes the place of the Spanish coat of arms.

A thistle replaces the maple leaf on the Canadian flag and, interestingly, the reimagining of the flag of Sweden already has a place in Scotland.

The National:

One user pointed out that this is the flag of Shetland which takes on Scotland's colours but in the style of a Nordic cross to reflect Shetland's heritage and cultural ties with Scandinavia.

More than 500 years ago, the Shetland islands were transferred from Norway to Scotland and in February 2005 the flag of Shetland (below) was officially recognised by the heraldic authority of Scotland.

The National:

The second post by JMASTERS_01 features the flags of Cyprus, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia and the US state of California.

The style of the flag of Cyprus - which includes a representation of the island - is reflected in the Scottish reimagining with the olive branches that represent peace in Cyprus, replaced by the thistle in an updated post after it was suggested by a user on the original.

The Sri Lankan flag, which features a golden lion holding a kastane sword, is reflected in the use of the lion rampant which is the royal banner of Scotland historically used by Scottish monarchs.

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The reflection of the California Republic flag shows a unicorn in a similar fashion to that of the bear represented. The California Republic was an unrecognised breakaway state from Mexico, which controlled the region in the mid-1800s before it officially joined the Union in 1850. The flag has been maintained as the state flag of California to reflect its history.

The National:

The flag of Saudi Arabia includes an inscription of the Islamic creed translating to "There is no god but Allah; Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah". It also includes a sword pointing in the direction of the script as Arabic reads from right to left.

The Scottish interpretation of this flag includes the motto of the royal coat of arms of the Kingdom of Scotland that was adopted during the reign of the Stewart dynasty.

It reads "In my defens God me defend" and is the only motto associated with Scotland's royal arms. The design also includes a claymore a Scottish variant of a two-handed medieval sword used in clan warfare and border fights with English forces.

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The two Reddit posts also inspired some discussion about the current regional flags of Scotland.

The Isle of Skye is the most recent area to have a flag chosen, also with the Nordic cross entwined with a white circle. It brings together elements of the island's Viking and Celtic heritage.

Caithness, the islands of South Uist and Barra, and the Orkney islands also have flags in the Nordic style, with varying colour patterns.

The flag for the island of Tiree, known as "The Sun of Barley" represents the fertility of the isle and the name Tìr an Eòrna (Land of Barley).

What do you think of these redesigned flags and what others would you suggest?