The National:

SCOTTISH Tory MSP Jackson Carlaw has got a little more than he bargained for after he aimed a jab at Scotland’s health service.

The former party leader - who was ousted in 2020 to make way for Douglas Ross’s coronation - took to Twitter to deride the NHS.

Sharing a video which showed some of the difficulties the health service had faced through the ongoing Covid pandemic, Carlaw wrote: “Can you really put your hand on your heart and say that the NHS is in a better place after 15 years of the SNP?”

“100% yes, now stop criticising [NHS Scotland] and start giving them the credit they rightly deserve,” one user responded.

“Can you really put your hand on your heart and say that you are an honest politician comparing the NHS during a global pandemic to when it wasn't in a pandemic?” a Robert Cameron added.

Some users shared an old SNP video showing Oxford University's Professor Danny Dorling analysing the states of the NHS in England and Scotland.

Dorling says that while England is moving towards the poorer health outcomes seen in the US, Scotland is moving towards the better outcomes seen in Scandinavia.

“We know, you’d have us going down the same path as England, to the detriment of everyone in Scotland,” one user who shared the video told Carlaw.

Many users shared their experiences with the Scottish NHS, praising the dedication of staff and the crediting them with saving their lives.

“I was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the beginning of a global pandemic, treated within five weeks, continued regular check ups throughout the pandemic, couldn’t ask for better service in normal times let alone during the current situation. Hope that answers your question,” one user wrote.

“Yes I can! Work in the NHS and also seen from a parent’s side when they saved my premature son’s life and caught something on a scan that could have meant a different outcome for me during the birth.

“All this is doing is disrespecting the hard work all NHS staff continue to do,” a Laura Bell wrote.

Many people answered Carlaw’s question with a simple “yes”.

That’s probably about all the effort his attack on the NHS warranted.