The National:

THERE were incredible scenes on Thursday night’s Question Time when not a SINGLE person was willing to defend Boris Johnson.

Fiona Bruce asked the audience – which she assured viewers had Conservative voters in it – if anyone would “speak up” for the Prime Minister, as calls for his resignation continue on.

Not one hand went up in the Union-supporting, LibDem-voting St Andrews audience. You could practically hear the tumbleweed crossing through the studio.

One woman did raise her hand – but quickly made it clear it wasn’t to stick up for the Tory leader, and was instead to put forward a question to the panel.

Johnson’s situation is going from bad to worse this week. What started with reports of parties being held while Covid restrictions were in place has turned into a story of defections and serious allegations of intimidation from the whips.

Senior Tory MP William Wragg said critics considering triggering a no confidence vote in the Prime Minister were receiving threats to “withdraw investments” from constituencies, as well as “intimidation” from No 10 staff.

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And Christian Wakeford (below), the Bury South MP who switched allegiances amid fury over partying allegations in No 10, said he was threatened with funding for a new school in his constituency being withheld if he did not vote with the Government over free school meals.

The National:

The Business Secretary said Wakeford’s allegations have so far been “unsubstantiated”.

Kwasi Kwarteng conceded he could not rule out the claim from Christian Wakeford, but alleged it could be an attempt to “discredit” the Government after he defected to Labour.

Nicola Sturgeon said she has been “shocked” by the allegations, describing them as “gravely serious”.

“I would suggest that these accusations need to be fully and crucially independently investigated,” she said.

We can’t wait to see what happens next for the Prime Minister ...