MINUTES before FMQs got under way, I took the bread I had baked out of the oven.

I’d timed it to perfection, much like Tory-turned-Labour MP Christian Wakeford did when he crossed the floor just before PMQs on Wednesday.

I’m carb-loading, you see. At times of high political drama, my body needs the fulsome sustenance of bread (and other beige coloured foods) to function properly.

The week so far has already been blockbuster and Big Dog Boris shouldn’t expect it to quieten down any time soon.

I’m saving the wine and cheese for when he’s finally booted out … Back in the Holyrood chamber and Douglas Ross wanted to talk about Pete Wishart. No, I’m not sure why either.

He asked the First Minister if she agreed with Pete Wishart when he said it was a “fair point” that her government had imposed too many Covid restrictions over Christmas.

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I don’t know where the quote is from. It seems unlikely that Pete Wishart was enthusiastically trashing the Scottish Government’s Covid response. Regardless, quotes deployed at FMQs need to be zingers. Ideally, they should be followed by the standard politician’s flourish of “not MY words, but the words of you/your party colleague/your mum”.

I’m not sure that in the age of the viral clip, “fair point” quite cuts the mustard.

The National:

Anyway, back to Pete. The First Minister said he is an “outstanding” MP and decided to take the opportunity to “pay tribute” to his public service. Douglas Ross replied that “fair point” was a DIRECT QUOTE FROM PETE and rather than praising his career, she should perhaps listen to him.

For Pete’s sake.

If I promise to listen to the SNP MP more closely in future could we please stop talking about Pete Wishart and get on with the proper questions?

The two leaders then returned to familiar ground. Douglas Ross said the First Minister had been too quick to impose some restrictions over Christmas. Nicola Sturgeon said that she had taken “proportionate and balanced” decisions in the interests of public health.

This ain’t our first rodeo, you can fill in the blanks yourself. Neither said anything new.

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Douglas Ross accused the First Minister of “personal attacks” – which is perhaps not the strongest ground for him in this, of all weeks. Since Jacob Rees-Mogg’s “lightweight” comment about Douglas Ross, Tories have been quoted as calling their party colleagues – among other things – “f***ing nobodies”.

Nicola Sturgeon then pressed the bruise, saying that she understood Douglas Ross was having a tough time politically.

“Can I suggest that Douglas Ross gets his own house in order. Perhaps suggests to more of his colleagues that they obey the rules that are in place when they are in place, and leaves this government to get on with steering this country – responsibly, and in a mature, grown-up fashion – through the global pandemic.”