SCOTLAND’S talent is showcased in so many different ways on the world stage – and our actors and actresses are no exception.

Some of the biggest Scottish stars have a busy year coming up, with projects that are filming or releasing that are well worth putting on your radar.

Here’s a quick guide to some of those, in no particular order...

I Came By (2022)
MacDonald stars alongside George MacKay in this Netflix thriller about a graffiti artist discovering a dangerous secret.

Call My Agent (UK) (2022)
A London talent agency has agents scrambling to keep the peace after the death of their founder in this British remake of the French series. The series will release on Amazon Prime later this year.

Text For You (2022)

A young woman (Priyanka Chopra), trying to ease the pain from her fiancé’s death, texts his old number and forms a relationship with the man on the other end … played by Sam Heughan.

Suspect (filming)
Heughan stars alongside James Nesbitt’s veteran detective trying to solve the case of his daughter’s supposed suicide in this Channel 4 series.

Everest (pre-production)
Heughan and Ewan McGregor star as real-life rivals George Finch and George Mallory as they battle to be the first to reach the peak of Mount Everest.

Pinocchio (2022)
McGregor stars as the Cricket in this dark retelling of the fairytale, directed by Guillermo del Toro. Catch it on Netflix later this year.

Obi-Wan Kenobi (2022)
McGregor reprises his role as Kenobi in the long-awaited spinoff to the Star Wars movies. Comprising of six episodes, the series is set to release later this year on Disney+, with much of the filming taking place in Scotland.

The Rig (2022)
Compston stars as a crewmate onboard an oil rig off the coast of northern Scotland. The crew become cut off from communications and when things go from bad to worse, they’re forced to question who they can trust. The series will release on Amazon Prime.

Our House (post-production)
A woman arrives home one day to see her house full of strangers and her husband (Compston) gone. The series is set to release on ITV this year.

Marlowe (2023)
Cumming stars as Lou Hendricks in this neo-noir thriller also starring Liam Neeson.

Bright in a Hollow Sky (pre-production)
Cumming plays Pastor in this drama about strangers on a road trip.

Dual (2022)
Gillan’s upcoming satirical sci-fi thriller sees her as a woman who must, legally, fight her own clone to the death.

The Bubble (2022)
A group of actors try to finish a movie while stuck inside a pandemic bubble in a hotel in this Netflix film.

Thor: Love and Thunder (2022)
The newest Marvel instalment will have Gillan’s Nebula alongside her Guardians of the Galaxy crew joining Chris Hemsworth’s Thor and Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster as they battle the newest threat – Gorr.

Litvinenko (2022)
Tennant stars as the poisoned KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko in this dramatisation of the Scotland Yard investigation into his murder. The series will be released on ITV.

The Amazing Maurice (post-production)
Tennant stars as a talking rat alongside Hugh Laurie’s moneymaking cat in this upcoming Terry Pratchett adaptation on Sky Movies.

Inside Man (post-production)
A prisoner on death row, a maths teacher and a vicar (Tennant) find themselves trapped in a cellar in this BBC production by fellow Scot Steven Moffat.

The Jesuit (2022)
In this revenge thriller, a man nicknamed “The Jesuit” is falsely imprisoned. When his wife is killed, he devises a plan to rescue his kidnapped son and avenge the murder.

Wittgenstein’s Poker (post-production)
Cox stars as Bertrand Russell in this animated short about an argument between two great philosophers.

Unsinkable (post-production)
Cox plays Robert Dodds in this true story about a ship that refused to sink in the Second World War.