The National:

AN interesting job has dropped into the Jouker’s LinkedIn feed – a digital campaign officer for Scotland in Union, who are likely concerned about reaching the rapidly shrinking pool of people who could be considered their target audience.

The main purpose of the job is to support the management of the group’s website and the design and delivery of their digital output.

Among the specific responsibilities will be to work with SIN chief executive Pamela Nash (below), the former Labour MP for Airdrie and Shotts, campaigns manager Andrew Skinner and other members of the team “to agree digital output that supports dual aims of making the positive case for Scotland to remain in the UK”, as well as “holding the SNP Scottish Government to account”.

The National:

The new digital guru will also be expected to establish a new supporters’ group – perhaps their biggest challenge – and undertaken any other tasks Nash wants done to achieve SIU’s goals.

This got us wondering who would take on such a challenging role. Our first thought was Baroness Ruth Davidson, who’s always on the lookout for something new and exciting, whether it’s sitting astride a tank gun barrel, standing atop its turret or posing with a pint of Deuchars.

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We know that she is of course sometimes tied up in the unelected Lords, but she might be able to spare some time to help save the Union.

Let’s not rule out Boris Johnson, whose coat is on an ever more shoogly peg these days.

The National:

We are sure that SIU will not have missed the so-called “love bombs” he has previously dropped on Scotland.

The list goes on – the mother of all self-publicists George Galloway; Douglas Ross could squeeze in a few hours a week; perhaps David Mundell, or even his son Oliver might welcome a break from the hurly burly of Tory politics with a venture into the digital world.

Let us know who you think would be good in the job.