A SCOTTISH MP has said Boris Johnson should be "considering his position" amid reports Westminster Tories are rallying against the Prime Minster. 

Andrew Bowie, the former vice-chair of the Tory party, said: "He is in quite a lot of trouble. 

"I don't think that's a position we can be in for much longer.

"The country needs leadership at this time and what it doesn't need is a governing party at war with itself.

"I'm afraid that to many out there, that is what they are seeing."

"I think the Prime Minister should be considering his position but my position is we need to wait and see what the facts were. 

"Which is why we need to wait for the Sue Gray report to be published so we can have all the facts in front of us before people take decisions. 

"We are all considering the position of the government, the Prime Minister at the head of the government should be considering his position. 

"But I do think we should be looking at all the facts before anyone takes any decisions."

Challenged over media reports senior Tories were calling the anti-Johnson plotters "idiots", Bowie added: "Everyone needs to calm down and let things take their course.

"Whether there were or weren't parties in Downing Street, whether the PM knew about them. We're talking about this every day and we should be getting on with the business of governing.

"I get the frustration and I share much of it. 

"Somebody needs to take a course in how to make friends and influence people because I don't think that is going to win any of them back. 

"None of my colleagues are idiots."