The National:

NADINE Dorries has been on full-spin mode after briefing the media before Parliament over the weekend about a funding cut for the BBC.

She's now suggesting that her freeze to the TV licence fee that supports the broadcaster is being done to ease the burden of household bills ... that her colleagues are responsible for increasing.

An article appeared in the Mail on Sunday over the weekend with details of Dorries' plan and Brandon Lewis, described as an ally of the Culture Secretary, is quoted as saying that the "days of state-run TV are over".

Lewis suggested that a subscription model, similar to streaming services like Netflix, could be employed by the broadcaster to stop people from being "forced to pay for" the BBC.

Dorries shared the Mail on Sunday article with some gusto, sharing Lewis's sentiments but her tweet was slammed as an act of "cultural vandalism" with others sharing the services that it will affect.

Dorries said not much at all apart from "Let's start a discussion" when she FINALLY announced the plans to Parliament on Monday.

She can even be seen checking her phone while SNP shadow culture secretary John Nicolson took her to task on her true intentions, saying that the Tories want broadcasters to become as "sycophantic as most of the print press". 

Clearly rattled, Dorries replied to the SNP MP for Ochil & South Perthshire: "I have no idea how anyone could make the leap from “let’s have a debate and a discussion in the House about how the future funding looks” to 'privatisation'. It’s just—I have no further comment."

The rest of her responses in this session were equally lacking in substance.

It's incredible to see such gaslighting from a minister after she openly leaked the details of announcement to the press before Parliament.

Dorries has been on a dizzying spin cycle to roll back her threatening tweet to the BBC and frame it as the Tories offering an olive branch to people struggling with household bills.

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She tweeted today: "I simply do not believe those responsible for setting household bills should instinctively reach into the pockets of families across the country for just a little bit more every year to cover those costs."

Pull the other one, Nadine.

It was of course the Tories that ended the free TV licence for over-75s in August of 2020, meaning pensioners have to start paying £159 a year to watch the BBC.

But hey, Dorries has frozen that cost for two years and started a "discussion" about what to do in the future. You should be happy with that.

The cost of living crisis is about to impact people across the UK, with household energy bills expected to increase by 50% from April as the price cap is set for review.

Who has the ability to do something about a massive increase in energy prices? The Tory government, but maybe they have other things to think about ...

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The Tories also Universal Credit by £1040 per year which makes it as rich as a Tory donor to suggest that this party is looking out for the poorest across the UK.

National Insurance payments will also increase in April, something the Tories promised they wouldn't do in their 2019 manifesto, but we've learned not trust a word of those.

So thanks for the extra £21 Nadine, but we all know what you're really doing and it's not subtle.