SOME Covid restrictions are to be lifted in Scotland on January 17 while others are set to remain as Nicola Sturgeon is set to provide an update in the coming week about the phased lifting of restrictions.

Prior to the festive period, limits were placed on the number of people able to attend large-scale events with a timescale of three weeks given by the First Minister.

On Tuesday, January 11, it was confirmed that some restrictions on events would be lifted that has been in place since December 26, 2021.

The Government is working on a phased lifting of restrictions, with a review of the next phase to be announced on Tuesday.

Advice issued by the Scottish Government on limiting social contacts, working from home and testing for the virus regularly are set to remain due to the high transmissibility of the Omicron variant.

What restrictions are being lifted on Monday and what will remain?

The National:

From January 17, the limit of 500 people at outdoor events will be lifted as the Scottish Government is looking to a phased approach to lifting restrictions.

This means that events like sporting matches and other outdoor events will be allowed to go ahead with full crowds.

However, events with a crowd of 1000 people or more will be required to check the vaccine certification of at least 50% of the attendees.

Previously, events were required to check 20% of attendees or 1000 people, whichever figure was highest.

The classification of "fully vaccinated" has also been updated to mean that a person has had their second dose of a Covid vaccine within 120 days but no less than 14 days ago, or has had a third dose or "booster" if the second dose was more than 120 days ago.

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Limits on indoor events will remain, meaning that no more than 100 people will be allowed at a standing indoor event and the limit is 200 people at a seated event.

Capacity limits do not include places of worship.

Adult non-professional contact sports are also not allowed to go ahead in indoor spaces.

In hospitality and leisure venues, limits still remain. This means that there must be a metre of social distancing between groups of up to three households. This includes venues like bars, restaurants, theatres, music venues and gyms.

Night clubs are also to remain closed unless they are able to operate without dancing and implement social distancing guidance.

What is the continued advice to reduce transmission?

People are being asked to limit the number of contacts they would normally have and limit indoor gatherings to no more than three households.

Guidance to work from home where possible also remains in place as well as taking a lateral flow test if visiting someone in hospital, a care home or accompanying someone to a medical appointment.

There is also advice to avoid crowded places and go shopping at quieter times as well as respecting measures in place such as controlled entrances to ensure effective social distancing.

When is the First Minister's update and how to watch?

The National:

Nicola Sturgeon will give details of the review of guidance in Scotland on Tuesday, January 18 in an update to MSPs in Holyrood.

While no decision has yet been announced, the First Minister has indicated that the limits on indoor events and hospitality/leisure venues may be lifted from Monday, January 24.

Sturgeon has said that lifting of these protective measures may require the expansion of Covid vaccine certification to other venues.

Full details will be provided on Tuesday.

The FM's Covid update will be streamed live on the Scottish Government's social media channels on Facebook and Twitter.

It will also be available to watch live on the Scottish Parliament TV website with a sign language option available.

For more information and advice about Covid in Scotland, visit the Scottish Government's website.