ALISTER JACK backed a breakaway Scottish Conservative party and offered it "significant sums" of cash. 

The current Scottish Secretary, who represents Dumfries and Galloway in Westminster, gave his backing to Murdo Fraser's 2011 Tory leadership bid.

Fraser proposed splitting the Scottish Conservative party from the UK Tories to "detoxify" the brand.

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Jack, a multi-millionaire, offered his support to the radical proposal and said he would be willing to fund the party if Fraser's bid was successful. 

The plans never came to fruition and Ruth Davidson was elected Scottish Tory leader. 

The Scotsman reported Jack as saying of Fraser's failed bid: "We shouldn’t be frightened of stepping out on our own.

"I’m completely confident that we can raise more money for the new party than SCUP [Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party] has raised for many years.

"Everyone’s concerns about Murdo’s plans would be whether he would get enough support to get the party off the ground.

“For years the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party has needed someone to take the bull by the horns and tell us how to sort ourselves out. In Murdo, we have him.”

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The question of a breakaway party has been opened again following Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross calling for Boris Johnson's resignation after the Prime Minster admitted to attending a party in Downing Street during the height of lockdown. 

It's understood Ross has the backing of all 31 Scottish Tory MSPs who agree the Prime Minister should back down.

Analysis by Ballot Box Scotland called the situation within the Conservative Party "unprecedented".

Alister Jack was approached for comment.