THE inquiry into parties at Downing Street is expected to conclude that there is no evidence of criminality, it has been claimed.

Despite the Prime Minister consistently hiding behind the inquiry and urging people not to pre-empt the results, The Times has been briefed about what it is expected to conclude.

The internal inquiry is being run by veteran civil servant Sue Gray. Simon Case, the cabinet secretary who was initially tasked with leading it, was forced to step down after revelations that parties had been held in his own office.

The Times reported that Gray has “not uncovered sufficient evidence of criminality” to refer to the case to the police.

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The Metropolitan Police have repeatedly refused to investigate the lockdown-busting parties on Downing Street, a position for which they are now being sued.

The news comes despite mounting reports of parties at No 10, including one which went on into the night the day before the Queen was photographed mourning Prince Philip alone at his funeral.

There is also an admission from Downing Street’s former director of communications - the now deputy editor of the Sun James Slack - that the party on April 16, 2021 happened.

Another party, which the Prime Minister admitted attending, saw 100 people invited to “bring your own booze” on May 20, 2020.

Both events, held almost a year apart, were in contravention of the regulations in place at the time and suggest a culture of Covid rule-breaking at No 10, Michael Russell has said.

Gray’s investigation into the events is not expected to make a judgment on whether Johnson breached the ministerial code. Even if she did, the result would likely be dismissed by the Prime Minister, who is the ultimate arbiter of that code.

The internal report will reportedly censure Johnson for a lack of judgment, but go no further in regards to him. Instead it may suggest disciplinary action against the staff involved in the events and criticise the culture at No 10 which allowed them to happen.