Meet Magnus - the horse marching for Scottish independence

Magnus lives in Caithness and according to owner Liz Kraft, is a big supporter of the independence movement. 

This can be reflected in the Icelandic horse's fashion choices - he can regularly be seen sporting a Saltire jacket, which Liz had specially made when there were no Scotland-specific fleece coats available online. 

The National:

In fact, Liz even plans to bring Magnus to independence marches when the pandemic allows for them to take place. 

A hill horse, Magnus competes with Liz and reps his Saltire jacket before and after competitions. 

When the 500-mile walkers were in the Caithness area last year, Magnus and Liz accompanied them for a short distance on foot. 

The National:

While Magnus has always lived in Scotland, his heritage is Icelandic; his great grandmother was born in Iceland. 

Liz credits Magnus with creating a link between Iceland and Scotland; since their partnership began in 2005, Liz has made connections in Iceland and taken an interest in the country's politics. 

And it's not just Magnus, Poppy the dog can also often be spotted wearing a Yes flag around her neck.

The National:

With a fresh indyref2 drive just around the corner, look out for Magnus and Poppy supporting an independent Scotland at a future march near you!