NO Scottish Conservatives were available this afternoon to appear on a BBC panel with MSPs.

The Tories declined to be on a panel of MSPs on BBC Scotland's Politics Scotland programme on the same day Boris Johnson was slammed by MPs for attending a Downing Street garden gathering during the UK’s first coronavirus lockdown.

Johnson claimed that he had "believed implicitly" that it had been a work event.

Stating that the SNP's Siobhian Brown and Labour's Michael Marra were appearing on the panel, the show's host said: "We invited the Scottish Conservatives onto the panel but were told no one was available."

The Scottish Tories have been contacted for comment.

SNP MP John Nicolson said the Scottish Tories are "spineless and cowardly" for not appearing on the panel.

Nairn L McDonald said: "Their silence is complicity."

Another added: "Well I'm not surprised."

Meanwhile, Douglas Ross, the party's leader, called for Johnson to step down as Prime Minister.

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Asked what he believed the Prime Minister should do next, Ross replied: "I said yesterday that if the Prime Minister attended this gathering or party or event at Downing Street on the 20th of May, then he could not continue as prime minister.

"So, regretfully, I have to say that his position is no longer tenable." 

Ross had previously supported Johnson, publicly voting for him to lead the UK Tories during the leadership election of 2019.