PROTESTERS attempted to disrupt the recording of BBC Radio 4’s Any Questions on Friday night after GB News host Nigel Farage was invited to join the panel.

Clips on social media saw pro-Europe campaigners shout at Farage as he arrived in Reading to record the debate programme – calling him “fascist scum” while he walked into the building.

When recording began, protesters could easily be heard continuing to shout outside the building in an effort to drown out the right-wing politician.

It is understood that Steve Bray, the well-known “stop Brexit” campaigner who was often heard outside Westminster before the UK left the EU, was involved in the protest.

Singing, shouting and chanting can be heard throughout the broadcast. It begins as Farage is expressed sympathy for Novak Djokovic, the Serbian tennis player currently in hotel quarantine in Australia after being denied entry to the country. The sports star apparently believed he had a “vaccine exemption” on his visa – but this turned out not to be the case.

Farage explained that he felt “a bit sorry for the guy”, calling it “pretty rich” for him to be kept in a hotel without his wallet and phone until his hearing on Monday.

Presenter Chris Mason then noted that the panel discussion was being shouted over. “I think we have one or two protesters outside here, hopefully at home and in the car you can still hear our conversation clearly.”

Labour MP Tan Dhesi added that he thought the group was “adding to the atmosphere”.

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On social media, users questioned why Farage had been invited on in the first place given his primary job now is as host at GB News.

“Didn’t he have way too much airtime on [Question Time] for far too many years??” asked pro-Europe campaigner Helen Bracken. “Come on BBC – this man was dropped by LBC for good reason – he is toxic!”

“When will BBC learn that we do not ever want to hear another word from Farage again,” asked another.

During the programme, SNP MP Joanna Cherry was applauded by the Reading audience for her interventions on the Edward Colston trial, vaccination and other issues.

Cherry (below) was asked about the UK Government Attorney General’s announcement that she is considering referring the Colston verdict to the Court of Appeal due to the “confusion” it has caused.

She reflected on her experience as a QC, when jury verdicts had “enraged” her many times – but said it wasn’t her role as a lawyer to question it.

The National:

“I think some of the lectures we’ve had in the last 48 hours from some Tory ministers and some Tory MPs about threats to the rule of law are really a bit rich, given their government’s record – from the unlawful prorogation of parliament to the Internal Market Bill.” Cherry was cut off by huge applause in the audience following this comment.

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“And also the corruption we’re currently seeing at the heart of the British government. So really, I won’t take any lectures about the rule of law from the Tory party – and I don’t think the Colston Four or the Colston jury should either.”