ALMOST one quarter of all UK renewable energy was made in Scotland in 2020, figures show.

Between wind, solar, hydro and other technologies, the country generated 32,031.2 gigawatt hours of power – 23.8% of the UK’s total green gain.

That’s according to figures compiled by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Its analysis also names Highland Council as the UK’s top area for the generation of onshore wind and hydro electricity, with Orkney having the highest number of wind sites.

That total is three times higher than Highlands, but facilities on Orkney are “mainly small projects meeting local needs”, BEIS said, while capacity in the Highlands is “driven by the construction of large-scale wind farms”.

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The figures have been welcomed by Kilmarnock and Loudoun MP Alan Brown, the SNP’s energy spokesperson at Westminster.

While Scottish authorities have authority over zoning for developments, the UK Parliament retains power over all energy policy, including renewables.

This includes transmission charges, something SSEN Transmission – part of SSE – has called one of the “greatest challenges” facing renewables firms in the north of Scotland.

Brown commented: “Tackling the climate emergency is the most pressing political issue of the present day so it’s welcome to see such a significant percentage of the UK’s renewable energy being generated in Scotland on our pathway to net zero.

“Yet, while this progress is to be celebrated, Scotland faces the highest charges in the UK to connect to the energy grid – while the south of England are paid to connect.

“This ludicrous postcode lottery is just another cost of Scotland being under Westminster control.

“It is time that the outdated charging system is scrapped and plans made to further incentivise electricity generation based on the best locations for renewable energy.”