SCOTLAND’S First Minister will give an update on the current Omicron situation in the Parliament this week, after it was announced that Holyrood would be recalled from its winter recess.

The Scottish Parliament will meet virtually to hear from Nicola Sturgeon after the country recorded its highest ever daily total of coronavirus cases with more than 20,000 positive test results.

Presiding officer Alison Johnstone (below) confirmed that the Parliament will sit for an entirely virtual session to hear from the First Minister from 2pm on Wednesday.

The National:

MSPs are not due back from the winter break until next week.

The First Minister will answer questions from opposition party leaders and backbenchers following her statement.

The figures published by the Scottish Government on Monday show 65,860 new tests for Covid-19 reported results and 34.9% (20,217) were positive.

Monday’s figures include a note advising of delays in between tests being taken and results being reported, but saying Public Health Scotland is monitoring the situation.

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There were 1031 people in hospital on Sunday with recently confirmed Covid-19 and of these 38 were in intensive care.

A total of 4,383,212 people have received their first dose of a Covid-19 vaccination, 4,017,051 have received their second dose, and 2,992,583 have received a third dose or booster.

The daily data for January 1 and January 2 was also published on Monday.

A total of 17,065 new cases were reported for January 1, and 14,080 were reported for January 2.