PRINCE Andrew has been asked to provide evidence of his “alleged inability to sweat” by lawyers for the woman who accuses him of sexual assault.

Virginia Giuffre’s legal team have also asked the Prince to name anyone he met at a Pizza Express in Woking amid a lawsuit filed in New York.

The lawyers made several demands, including that the Duke of York reveal any gifts that he received from Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein, “including but not limited to puppets”.

Giuffre’s lawyers are also demanding documents related to the Prince’s “travel to or from . . . the Tramp nightclub” in London.

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Giuffre alleges that she was brought to London in 2001 when she was just 17 by Epstein and Maxwell where she was introduced to Prince Andrew.

She alleges that they went out to the club, that the Duke of York sweated profusely and then went to Maxwell’s house in Belgravia.

In the lawsuit she filed against the duke in August, she said that she was then “forced ... to have sexual intercourse with Prince Andrew against her will”.

Her lawyers say Giuffre was later taken to Epstein’s townhouse in New York where Giuffre and another alleged victim, named Johanna Sjoberg, were made to sit on each of the duke's knees while “Prince Andrew touched [Guiffre]”.

Giuffre has alleged that Maxwell gave the prince a puppet in his likeness from Spitting Image and that “Andrew cupped my breast with a doll” as she sat on his lap with the other alleged victim.

In a separate deposition, Sjoberg said “they took the puppet’s hands and put it on Virginia’s breast, and so Andrew put his on mine”.

Prince Andrew has always denied the allegations.

The prince’s lawyers have called the requests from Giuffre’s legal team “burdensome and harassing”.

They said the Duke did not meet anyone at Pizza Express and that he “denies the allegation that he was at the Tramp nightclub”.

They also called the request for documents around his alleged inability to sweat “harassing”, adding it sought “confidential and private information”.

His lawyers said that the Prince found that “no such documents exist in his possession, custody or control” after making a “diligent search”.

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It comes as the prince’s lawyers seek to have proceedings halted, alleging Giuffre is a resident of Australia, making her unable to file the suit against him in New York.

But Giuffre’s lawyers said they will prove her home is in Colorado, accusing Prince Andrew of a "transparent attempt to delay discovery into his own documents and testimony”.

They added: “If Prince Andrew truly has no documents concerning . . . his alleged medical inability to sweat or anything that would support the alibis he gave during his BBC interview, then continuing with discovery will not be burdensome to him at all.”

On Tuesday Judge Lewis Kaplan will hold a hearing where Prince Andrew’s lawyers will ask to have the case dismissed.