THE SNP are projected to win all but three of the Scottish seats in the next Westminster election while the Tories would be wiped out, according to a new poll.

The survey of Westminster voting intentions suggests that the Scottish Tories would lose all six of their current MPs while the SNP would return 56.

The LibDems are expected to return two MPs while Labour would have one.

Opinium's political poll for the Sunday Mail showed that as the Tory government attempts to deny that parties occurred in Downing Street last December, voters in Scotland would reject them completely.

In a further blow to Boris Johnson, 77% of voters believe he lied about Covid rule-breaking with just 18% believing he told the truth. Some 79% of those polled said they believe a party took place.

The National:

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Nicola Sturgeon remains the most trusted politician in Scotland by far with 53% counting her as trustworthy, ahead of Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer on 37%.

Returning 56 MPs in the poll, the SNP would enjoy 48% of the overall vote in Scotland while Labour would overtake the Tories as the second most popular party with 22% as the Tories would sit on 17% and no Scottish MPs.

Returning two MP's to Westminster, the LibDems would see 7% of the vote, according to the Opinium research.

Polling expert Sir John Curtice said: “Based on this poll, the Tories are at risk of losing every single seat they’ve got in Scotland.

“They are significantly down on where they were at the last general election in 2019 and on that kind of movement, if it happened in every constituency, they would lose every seat.

“The 17% share for Westminster voting intention is the lowest in any Scottish poll since September 2015.

“It just underlines how disastrous Partygate has been.”

The National:

More than half of voters (53%) believe Sturgeon is capable of leading Scotland to independence with just 35% believing she cannot.

When asked if they thought independence would happen in the next five years, 41% of voters agreed. It comes after a poll at the beginning of December showed 55% of Scots backed Scottish independence.

Curtice said: “A total of 79% of people who voted Yes in 2014 think Sturgeon can lead Scotland to independence and 32% of No voters think she will as well. So there is a certain amount of respect among No voters that she could – though it may be fear with some.”

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SNP depute leader Keith Brown said: “It is no surprise that if a Westminster election was called tomorrow, the Tories would be on track for a complete wipeout in Scotland.

“The people of Scotland know they can do better than being ignored by Boris Johnson and the toxic, corrupt Tory government Scotland endures under Westminster control.”

There are currently six Scottish Tory MPs in Scotland while the SNP is the largest party returning 45 MPs at the 2019 General Election.

Chris Curtis, head of political polling at Opinium, said: “Just like we have seen across the rest of the UK, the Tories have been badly damaged by the accusations of Downing Street parties.

“Our poll clearly shows how Scots do not believe the Prime Minister’s version of events and seem to be saying that they are less likely to vote Conservative as a consequence.

“Polls can go up and down and Boris Johnson has bounced back before. But the Scottish Tory MPs probably aren’t going to be happy with the fact that the party has fallen back behind Labour.”

In terms of the coronavirus pandemic, some 58% of those polled think that the Scottish Government has done a better job of handling the virus while just 10% think the UK has done better.

Opinium surveyed 1328 Scottish adults between December 15 and 22 for the Sunday Mail.