PEOPLE across Scotland woke up to find snow, as the white Christmas continued into Boxing Day, but forecasters have said temperatures will now start to creep up into the New Year.

Across the United Kingdom snow fell overnight, with the highest parts of Scotland blanketed with a couple of centimetres and parts of the north of England seeing as much as 5cm at its peaks.

People online have been sharing their photographs of the festive snow, as the Met Office confirmed that it had officially been a white Christmas.

It is not every year people in Britain get the picturesque surroundings of snow at Christmas and Wayne Crabtree shared some snaps of the snow from Guiseley, near Leeds in West Yorkshire, which too had been blanketed on Boxing Day.

But temperatures are now set to climb again.

Annie Shuttleworth, a meteorologist at the Met Office, said Sunday evening would be a milder night.

“There will still be cold weather and snow on the ground, we will still see a few places dip down to zero … but it will be generally be a much calmer but cloudy night and much dryer as well across a lot of England and into Scotland.”

The forecaster said there was still some remnants of rain across eastern Scotland, and added tomorrow would be a much drier day for northern England and Scotland, with sunny spells developing in the afternoon.

“Still not basking warm temperatures and still staying down in single figures, generally to around average for this time of year, but further south there will be outbreaks of quite heavy rain throughout Monday, but with temperatures of around 12C down there.”

She added temperatures were forecast to be creeping up through the week, and the forecast.

“I think we’ll have by Wednesday and Thursday we’ll have fairly exceptionally mild temperatures at least across central and southern England.

“And further north they’ll be warmer than average.

“But throughout the day on Monday and Tuesday, it’ll still be a bit cooler across northern England and Scotland.”

Snow was forecast to fall in parts of both Scotland and England, with one of the Met Office’s weather warnings extended to include an area from the Scottish Borders to Derbyshire, as well as further east over Durham and Northumberland.

A second yellow warning was in place for a smaller area north of Glasgow and heading north-east across the Forth Valley, with the weather service saying Clackmannanshire, Falkirk, Perth and Kinross, and Stirling were expected to be affected on Sunday.