A RESTAURANT chain says it is offering free red-faced Boris Johnson cocktails to customers with any main meal, in a dig to the Prime Minister over ongoing Downing Street party stories.

Bill’s, which has restaurants across England and Wales, shared a clip poking fun at Johnson and his Cabinet ministers over the scandal and explained the new drinks concept.

In a parody of Last Christmas, Johnson and Michael Gove are edited to appear to sing: “But the very next day/ we partied away/ This year/ to save my career/ I’ve had to come up with something special.”

Bill’s said it will give the “free Boris cocktail” to any customers who order a main meal and book in, or show the social media post on arrival.

The cocktail is a blend of Wyborowa Vodka, margarita mix and cranberry juice topped with candy floss, Bill’s said.

An illustrated version of the cocktail shows a clown-like Johnson on top with candyfloss hair – but it’s not clear what the real-life version looks like.

According to the chain, the drink will be available until December 30.

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London-based Bill’s is not the first business to publicly embarrass the Prime Minister over reports of a number of parties and gatherings while Covid rules were in place. Downing Street parties are currently being investigated by senior civil servant Sue Gray.

Budget airline Ryanair has been putting out several memes attacking the UK Government over the matter.

It comes after their chief executive Eddie Wilson signed a joint letter to the UK Government criticising its approach to the travel industry during the pandemic.

“As leaders of UK airlines, we are deeply concerned about the haphazard and disproportionate approach by government to travel restrictions following the emergence of the omicron variant,” the letter stated.

“Whilst we fully recognise the need to take steps to contain the initial impact of the omicron variant, travel has been singled out with the introduction of disproportionate restrictions.”