YOU'VE quit government, now quit the Lords, a Scottish MP has told the UK's former Brexit minister.

Lord David Frost resigned from Boris Johnson's Westminster team on Sunday, a move he blames on "coercive" Covid policies.

His resignation comes less than a year since the end of the transition period and leaves Foreign Secretary Liz Truss as the UK's lead negotiator in post-Brexit talks.

Frost — who was a special adviser when Boris Johnson held the Foreign Secretary role under Theresa May — was given responsibility for the government's Brexit talks in June 2019 and has latterly been working on problems around the Northern Ireland Protocol.

But now that he's walked out on that, SNP constitution spokesperson Tommy Sheppard MP says the life peer should quit the House of Lords too.

The Edinburgh East MP said: "It is no secret that Lord Frost was given a peerage so Boris Johnson could make him a Brexit minister and a member of his Cabinet. Now that he has resigned that position, he cannot continue to claim up to £300-a-day just by having a cushy seat in the House of Lords.

The National:

"This just goes to show how broken and dated the Westminster system is – you can be a failed Brexit chief negotiator for a few years, and cause untold damage to Scotland and the UK, but then become an ennobled peer for life.

"It was never right that the person charged with managing the UK’s post-Brexit relationship with Europe was someone who had never been elected by those who would be affected by it, and so would never be accountable to those of us who had in the House of Commons.

"Now he is able to continue being unelected and unaccountable for his Brexit mess in the House of Lords. It’s a joke – and the sooner Scotland can shake of this draconian Westminster government through independence, the better."

Lord Frost's office has been contacted for comment.