MSPs are set for a pay rise of 3.4% from April next year, taking their salaries to £66,662. 

The pay rise was discussed by Holyrood's finance committee which took evidence this morning from the Scottish Parliament's Corporate Body (SPCB) which had approved the hike.

Last year, MSPs pay was due to rise by 5.1%, but the SPCB instead applied a pay freeze, as it took account of the unprecedented pressure on public finances due to Covid 19.

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Scottish Government ministers will also be in line for a 3.4% rise to their ministerial salaries. They have voluntarily followed a pay freeze since 2008/09.

"Following Members’ pay freeze in the current financial year, the SPCB will apply the ASHE index (3.4%) to MSP and ministerial salaries next year as laid out in the Members’ Salaries Scheme," said the SPCB letter to the finance committee.

The National:

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon along with the other members of the Scottish Cabinet and junior ministers have abided by a voluntary pay freeze since 2008/9    Photo Gordon Terris.

In December 2013, the SPCB agreed to break the link with MPs salaries, so that MSPs pay would instead automatically rise in line with the ASHE index for public sector salaries in Scotland, meaning MSPs wouldn’t vote on their own pay rise.  

MSPs will also see an increase in their annual staffing allowance in the current parliamentary term with each member's budget rising from £93,000 to £133,200.

The SPCB report to the finance committee said: "The report also noted that the SPCB had, following a review, agreed to increase the level of staff cost provision to members in session 6 from per member. 

"This resulted in a £5.8 million increase in the staff cost provision element of the SPCB budget, including an uplift of 2.7% in line with the annual uprating provision agreed by the SPCB in March 2020."

The current salaries for Scottish Government ministers, as frozen from 2008/9 is as follows. The figure includes their MSPs' salaries.

First Minister: £138,765

Cabinet Secretary: £99,259

Minister: £83,347

The salary for Holyrood's presiding officer and two deputy presiding officers are £99,259 and £83,347 respectively.