LINE Of Duty’s Ted Hastings has seemingly taken part in a stunt outside of Scotland Yard in protest of the Metropolitan Police’s decision not to investigate Downing Street Christmas parties.

Activist group Led By Donkeys shared a five-minute clip on social media which showed a character sounding eerily similar to Hastings, played by Adrian Dunbar, in which he scolded the police for not investigating the alleged breach of Covid rules.

Asked whether it was the real Dunbar, Led By Donkey said it would “neither confirm or deny that Adrian Dunbar is a member of our investigations team”.

The hit show follows an anti-corruption police unit as it takes down bent coppers in the force and stars Scottish actor Martin Compston along with English actress Vicky McClure.

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The video shows a van with a large screen on it driving in front of Scotland Yard, as an apparent Hastings, who stars as the chief of AC12, scolds the force.

Addressing the Met Police Commissioner Cressida Rose Dick, he asks: “Ma'am, I must protest.

“Last week senior officers who work in this building issued a statement declaring they would not be investigating the unlawful Christmas party held in Downing Street last year.

The National: Martin Compston, right, stars alongside Adrian Dunbar in Line of DutyMartin Compston, right, stars alongside Adrian Dunbar in Line of Duty

“The statement claimed a criminal enquiry is not possible because there is, quote, ‘an absence of evidence’.

“Correct me if I’m wrong here ma’am, but the whole purpose of a police enquiry is to gather evidence, but because your officers are unwilling to get off their backsides and find it, my team are bringing that evidence direct to Scotland Yard.”

The voice adds: “Jesus, Mary and Joseph, led by the wee donkey. Who exactly does the Metropolitan Police work for ma’am? Our citizens or Boris Johnson?”

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The Metropolitan Police said it will not be commenting on the video.

However, in a previous statement a spokesperson said: “Based on the absence of evidence and in line with our policy not to investigate retrospective breaches of such regulations, the Met will not commence an investigation at this time.

“The Met has had discussions with the Cabinet Office in relation to the investigation by the Cabinet Secretary.

"If any evidence is found as a result of that investigation, it will be passed to the Met for further consideration.”