CONSERVATIVE MPs jeered and shouted at the SNP Westminster leader before he even started speaking during Wednesday’s PMQs session.

As Ian Blackford stood to press Boris Johnson over whether recently announced Treasury funding to Scotland is new or existing, he struggled to begin his question while Tory benches crowed.

SNP MPs gestured at the noisy Tory members, while one told them: “It’s no a pantomime!”

Later, Blackford called on the Prime Minister to confirm if there was any “new money to support businesses” accusing him “smoke and mirrors”.

The MP Ross, Skye and Lochaber said: “The public understands the threat that Omicron poses to all our people and to our NHS, (but) we saw from last night’s vote, the Tories might be privileged enough to live in denial about this danger, but the rest of us have the responsibility to live in the real world.

“That means increasing public health measures and increasing financial support for businesses and workers. The Scottish Government is delivering £100 million from our fixed budget to support businesses but we all know that more is needed.

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“Yesterday the UK Government put out a press release saying that new financial support was coming, but last night the Treasury U-turned saying no new money was available. So Prime Minister which is it, is there any new money to support businesses or was it all just smoke and mirrors once again?”

Boris Johnson replied: “I think it’s important that we continue to work with the Scottish administration as we do to help everybody through it.

“There is more money, as he knows, through Barnett consequentials, there are also further powers under the existing devolutionary settlement for the Scottish administration to raise money if it chooses to, they have that option. But we will of course continue with the discussions with the Scottish administration.”