PETER Tatchell has said that while the UK is mainly leading the way with LGBT rights, “we are lagging behind on trans issues.”

The well-known LGBT activist and campaigner was the first guest on The Vanity Project, a new conversational podcast launched by Scottish drag artist, Vanity von Glow, launched yesterday.

He said “we need to make it easier for trans people to get their gender recognition certificate. Trans self-ID by statutory declaration, which exists in our European countries, seems like the sensible way to go. So, why the delay?”

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In the episode they discuss the Netflix Documentary, Hating Peter Tatchell, which was produced by Elton John and David Furnish, and the juxtaposition of him being seen as a hate-figure by many who disagreed with him, and a hero for those that support his efforts.

On the issue of no-platforming bigots, Tatchell said he thinks it is important to debate those we disagree.

Talking about a BBC debate with gender-critical journalist Julie Bindell, Tatchell said “we went on the programme to debate her and show why she was wrong - we won over the audience and most people after the debate were on the side of trans people”.

In the podcast, Vanity discussed forgiving the older generation who might not have got everything right – she said “we find the compassion to forgive our parents, who may not have had a good track record if they had been MPs, it seems like that is something we should integrate in to the healing that goes on after a campaign”.

Tatchell responded: “An older generation comes to LGBT+ issues from a very different background, so we have to make some allowances – not a free pass – but a gently, kind approach, is better than treating them as terrible, bad people.”