Lynn Kitching is the maker behind Drift Designs Mull

What’s the story behind your brand?

I fell in love with Scotland’s west-coast islands as a teenager and ever since I’ve spent as many holidays as possible here. I’ve just always found them so wondrous, so cleansing and so inspiring. There’s something so special about the islands; the landscape, the communities, the history, the wildlife, the sea, the air, the weather.

I’ve always carried a note book around with me for writing and drawing, capturing beauty, feelings and thoughts. Then in 2020 I was lucky enough to move to the Isle of Mull with my husband and I was finally able to immerse myself in this inspirational environment. I finally had the time and space to be creative and the opportunity to make and sell something. Merging this with my love of silver, I started to design pieces of jewellery that would capture the beauty of the marvellous world around me.

The National:

Scallop, starfish, turret shell and limpet shell pendants, £40

The name Drift Designs Mull was chosen because "Drift" makes me think of lapping waves on a tranquil beach, a gentle breeze through long grass, drifting in and out of sleep on a warm summer day, driftwood left on a beach by the sea, drifting along on a holiday - all things that make me feel calm and relaxed and that I had spent years treasuring.

What do you make?

I make pure silver pendants and earrings using silver that has been repurposed and recycled from the Japanese car industry.

What techniques do you use?

I mould, press, shape and work the silver in a variety of different ways to create the end item. For example, some pieces are made using fern leaves I’ve collected, others from shells I’ve found and taken moulds from, others from outlines of animals I’ve had made for me. My husband makes me little gadgets that I can use too.

The National:

Lynn Kitching of Drift Designs Mull

Where do you get your inspiration?

My jewellery designs are all inspired by the fabulous environment that I live in. I aspire to incorporate the amazing wildlife, stunning scenery, beautiful beaches and the Celtic heritage into my designs. My aim is to make beautiful pieces of treasure for the wearer to be proud of. I have a particular awe for the otters, eagles and hares that live here on Mull and I wanted to try to capture the beauty of these animals in my jewellery.

The National:

Swimming otter pendant on knotted cord, £48

What sets you apart from other makers?

All my jewellery is designed by me drawing on the wonder of Mull. Then each piece is handmade by me. These two elements together create unique pieces of jewellery. Even though I repeat my own designs, being handmade each piece bears it’s own slightly unique character.

The National:

Flying eagle earrings, £39

What are your most popular products?

A hare that is moongazing against a background of star trails is very popular. There’s also a simple and elegant eagle that people like as both a pendant or a pair of earrings. I have an eagle that moves against a background of mountains, and folk like the movement in this piece. Another popular item is a pair of earrings made using fern leaves. My seashore pendants were very popular last summer.