THE SNP have demanded a fresh and independent investigation into the Prime Minister over allegations of sleaze, rule-breaking and “potential illegality”.

It comes after Boris Johnson told MPs at PMQs on Wednesday that Cabinet Secretary Simon Case will investigate if any rules were broken during the alleged Christmas party on December 18 last year.

There was a scathing public backlash after video footage emerged showing Number 10 staff joking about a “not socially distanced” gathering in Downing Street.

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SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford said the investigation does not go anywhere near enough to address the serious allegations against Johnson.

In a letter to Cabinet Secretary Simon Case and Lord Geidt, Blackford called for a joint investigation between both offices to address the "litany of allegations" which include "accusations of breaking Covid laws, breaking the ministerial code, acting unlawfully, handing peerages and government jobs to Tory donors, and soliciting dodgy donations for luxury holidays and home refurbishments."

The letter reads: “Day by day, evidence is emerging that previous and current investigations are either far too limited in scope, not directed at finding accountability for those ultimately responsible - or worse still – investigations have been faced with deliberate blockages and downright dishonesty.”

The National:

Blackford (pictured) set out two examples but noted there were “countless others”.

The first relates to the flat renovation scandal, where Johnson initially told Geidt that he didn’t know who was behind the funding for the redecoration.

The letter continued: “And yet this morning, the Electoral Commission has uncovered evidence that the Prime Minister sent a Whatapp message to Lord Brownlow in November 2020 asking for more money for the No11 refurbishment.”

Blackford also claimed that Johnson, aides and officials are now accused of “attending at least seven different parties” in November and December last year, while the rest of the country was in lockdown.

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He then called for a fresh investigation to be launched to “uncover all instances of illegality and evidence of all the lies which have obstructed previous investigations”, and that any evidence should be handed to the Metropolitan police.

Commenting, Blackford said: “It is essential that a full, fresh and independent investigation is now jointly launched by the Cabinet Secretary and Lord Geidt into the Prime Minister to uncover all instances of illegality and evidence of all the lies which have obstructed previous investigations.

“All emerging evidence and all illegality must be reported immediately to the Metropolitan Police.

The National:

Johnson has ducked calls for him to resign in the wake of Christmas party revelations

"Public trust is absolutely critical as we deal with another challenging moment in this pandemic, so it is vital that this investigation is carried out swiftly and that it fully reports to the police before the end of this month.

“We simply cannot enter into a new year with public trust and confidence in democratic institutions at an all-time low."

The UK Government has been contacted for comment.

It comes as First Minister Nicola Sturgeon described Johnson as “corrupt” and called for him to stand down as Prime Minister.

Speaking at FMQs, Sturgeon told Holyrood that Scotland should escape the "whole corrupt Westminster system" by becoming independent.