A PHOTO allegedly showing paedophile Jeffrey Epstein relaxing at the Queen’s residence in Balmoral has been seen by a US court.

In the picture believed to have been taken in 1999, Epstein and his partner Ghislaine Maxwell can be seen lounging in a log cabin after reportedly having been invited to the royal estate by Prince Andrew.

Maxwell, who denies all charges, is currently on trial for allegations of grooming young girls for Epstein to molest between 1994 and 2004.

The photo shown to the jury and seemingly taken as Balmoral was found at Epstein’s Manhattan mansion and is being used by prosecutors to allege that Maxwell and the late abuser were "partners in crime".

Photographs exist showing the Queen in what appears to be the same log cabin location.

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Prince Andrew, reportedly a friend of Epstein, travelled on the late billionaire’s private jet on multiple occasions, the court has been told.

The royal is facing a separate civil case in the US over allegations that he sexually assualted Virginia Giuffre when she was a teenager.

In Maxwell’s case, a former boyfriend of a teenager who claimed to have been groped by the socialitel told a jury his former partner would come out of Epstein’s house with 100-dollar bills.

The National: Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell in another photo seen by the US courtJeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell in another photo seen by the US court

The witness, testifying under the name Shawn to prevent the identification of Maxwell accuser “Carolyn”, said he would drive the then 14-year-old to Epstein’s house in Palm Beach, Florida, because she was “too young”.

On Tuesday, Carolyn testified to say she was paid around 300-400 US dollars after every massage she gave Epstein, and said all the encounters were sexual.

She accused Maxwell of telling her she “had a great body for Epstein and his friends”, before touching her breasts.

On Wednesday, Shawn said Carolyn told him about a woman named “Maxwell” and said the accuser “couldn’t pronounce” her first name because she had the education of a child.

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Questioning the witness, Assistant United States Attorney Maurene Comey asked: “How did Jeffrey Epstein come up in that group of people?”

Shawn replied: “Virginia [Roberts] said she worked for a guy and said if [Carolyn] wanted to make money she could go and do massages.

“She could come out and give a guy a massage and he would leave her a couple of hundred dollars.”

Shawn said his then partner was “excited to make money” when she accepted the proposal.

Maxwell faces up to 80 years in prison if convicted on counts of sex trafficking and perjury.

The trial continues.