SCOTTISH Tory leader Douglas Ross is self-isolating after a member of his staff tested positive for Covid-19.

The Conservative staffer, who was in Holyrood along with his boss on Wednesday, returned a positive lateral flow test at around 10pm. He is now self-isolating, while waiting on a PCR test.

Ross took a lateral flow test on Wednesday evening around 5pm, which was negative.

As a precaution, the party leader and five members of staff are now self-isolating and taking PCR tests.

They have not as of yet been contacted by Test and Protect, since the positive result was from a lateral flow test and not a PCR.

The Scottish Parliament has been informed.

The announcement comes ahead of a busy day in Parliament, with Ross scheduled to quiz Nicola Sturgeon at First Minister's Questions.

Later, Finance Secretary Kate Forbes is to announce the new Scottish Budget.

The Scottish Tory leader was in Holyrood on Wednesday and gave a round of face to face media interviews about Boris Johnson and the Downing Street Christmas party scandal.

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The Moray MP said Johnson should not continue as Prime Minister if he is found to have misled Parliament.

“If he knew there was a party, if he knew it took place, then he cannot come to the House of Commons and say there was no party," Ross said.

“That would be a very serious allegation if that were to be the outcome of the inquiry, and we’d have to see the outcome of the inquiry before we speculate on that.

“But anyone who says there wasn’t a party, but knew about it and said in Parliament there was no party has misled Parliament.

“That is a serious charge and you cannot continue in the highest office in the land if you’ve done that.

“If the inquiry said that this time last year he was aware of a party being organised and he knew about a party, that’s a totally different picture and we cannot have the Prime Minister or any member of any Parliament coming to the chamber saying one thing when they know the exact opposite.”

The Conservative chief added he will not resign as leader of the Scottish party as a result of the allegations, stressing it is “Conservative members here in Scotland who decide who leads the party here in Scotland”.