THE SNP have warned the Nationality and Borders Bill will destroy the lives of the most vulnerable people in the world as they demanded the UK Government scrap the legislation immediately.

Dubbed the “anti-refugee bill” by critics, it has been widely criticised by MPs, the UNHCR, NGOs, refugee charities, and human rights lawyers.

The bill would see refugees stripped of rights including the opportunity to settle in the UK permanently, to family reunion, and to access public funds

It has also led to warnings from a top Scottish law firm that it could erode the devolution settlement.

The National previously revealed that Christine O’Neill QC of Edinburgh experts Brodies warned the bill could threaten Scottish protections for the victims of criminal trafficking gangs.

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The bill is set to return to the House of Commons on Tuesday and Wednesday for its remaining stages.

Speaking ahead of the debate on Tuesday, the SNP’s home affairs spokesperson Stuart McDonald MP said: “This hateful anti-refugee bill, if passed, will see people seeking asylum criminalised with an offence punishable with up to 4 years in prison – whether they have fled the Taliban in Afghanistan, sought refuge from the war in Syria, or escaped religious or any other type of persecution.

“Instead of community placement of asylum seekers, we will see them warehoused in appalling conditions similar to Napier barracks or – even worse – off-shored thousands of miles away, replicating an Australian system that saw horrendous human rights abuses, huge costs, and utter failure.

“We have seen the tragic stories of people dying trying to get to the UK to seek safety – the danger is that this Bill will cause even more people to take dangerous journeys if safe and legal routes such as family reunion are taken away. Criminalising people will not stop it.

“It is also a full-frontal assault on the UN Refugee Convention and breaches the UK’s international obligations.

"This really is one of the cruellest policies I’ve seen come out of the Home Office.

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“The SNP has opposed this bill every step of the way - but the Tories, including those representing Scotland, let humanity down by voting against it.

“By sticking by this bill, they are defending criminalising torture victims, victims of war crimes, persecuted Christian converts and other refugees for seeking our protection.

“Let me be clear - none of this is happening in Scotland’s name.”

The UK Government has been contacted for comment.