THE main man Dexter, the serial killer you love to love, aka Michael C Hall, is not just a renowned actor, he’s also the frontman of renowned stylish stripped back synthesiser and drum beat band Princess Goes To The Butterfly Museum.

Drawing influence from David Bowie, Giorgio Moroder and Donna Summer and 80s new wave, the band have attracted a cult following with their cooler than cool 80s aesthetics. Hall and Matt Katz-Bohen of Blondie fame and drummer Peter Yanowitz of The Wallflowers (the man who has worked with musos from Yoko Ono to the beat poet Alan Ginsberg) met on the set of a rock opera and as you can guess, a night of treats and delights awaits at Glasgow’s Mono. Tonight 7pm. A few tickets left. Run!


WALKING in a whisky wonderland. Snow is falling, children playing, having fun its the season and so on… It’s time to head to Edinburgh’s Summerhall where dozens of whisky bonds and vendors will be displaying their finest wares, masterclasses, tastings, food and drink vendors, Christmas shopping opportunities and did I mention free tastings? All for the much cheapness price of £35. A dream present for the whisky lover in your life. For all the gen head over to www.nationalwhiskyfest.scot


AIR A Guailnean or Rise Up in English is the work of Scottish composer and singer Jen O’Brien. Irish born O’Brien has produced and sings with an original all-female group a song featuring 13 different artists. The song is a celebration of the immense creativity and talent and skills of women in the creative industries of Scotland.

The song interweaves Scots with Gaelic, English and Irish Gaelic and showcases the best of women’s work. Released this week, go on treat yourself to the documentary and download the song.

Follow O’Brien – sometimes known as a gothic Debbie Harry – on www.jenobrien.net and get her on instagram at @jentobrien


SWIFTIES of the world unite in Edinburgh this weekend as the legendary and edgy student club La Belle Angele is hosting a night dedicated to worshipping at the altar of Taylor Swift. Non-stop Swifty all night – deep cuts, extended mixes, fan favourites and all the hits. Do you have a Blank Space in your diary? Then this night is Taylor-made for you! Friday at La Belle Angele, Edinburgh 11pm-3am.


FANCY learning a bit more about Scotland’s role in the slave trade? Edinburgh’s Black History Tour may be the very ticket for you. Hear the little-known stories of Edinburgh’s many visitors and residents of African, African-American and Caribbean heritage from the 16th century to the present day; with a focus on the Caribbean and Edinburgh’s role in the Transatlantic Slave System. The walk from the New Town to the Old Town will make you see Edinburgh’s statues and buildings in a whole new way! Saturdays in December, please book at Eventbrite.


JACKIE McNamara is out and about this week to chinwag about his book and tell tales tall and short about his amazing career with Celtic, Partick Thistle and Dundee United. Jackie pulls no punches and gives the inside track of not just his glittering career but how he coped when diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. Wednesday, 7pm at Hilton Hotel, North Queensferry. Tickets are £16 from Eventbrite.


DO you have a wee neuro divergent person in your life? If so, I have just the thing, Santa’s quiet grotto. Dobbies, the well known garden centre have special days set aside for the most special of kids, with toned down lights and music and they will send photographs in advance to prepare your little ones. See www.dobbies.com for more info. Available from this week until the big day.