JACOB Rees-Mogg was warned that Scots are deciding it’s “time to get the hell out” of the Union as he took questions in Westminster on Thursday morning.

Pete Wishart, the SNP’s longest serving MP, raised the new Ipsos MORI poll for STV – which shows 55% of Scots want their country to be independent.

The survey, carried out between November 22 and 29, puts support for independence up five points since just before May’s Holyrood election.

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The results also emerged as one million pro-independence newspapers produced by The National, the SNP and Believe in Scotland were delivered across the country.

It comes after the UK Government faced weeks of sleaze accusations. The poll found Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s approval ratings have hit a record low, with four in five Scots saying they’re “dissatisfied” with his work.

Wishart highlighted the opinion poll in the Commons, adding: “The Scottish people are looking at this corrupt, sleazy cesspit and they do not like what they see.

“They’re quickly determining it’s time to get the hell out of this place.”

Rees-Mogg replied: “He wants to bat back and forth opinion polls, and I note even SNP supporters don’t think having a referendum on independence is very important.

“I think they want to see the SNP government in Scotland getting on with running Scotland properly and making the health service work and building the roads and dealing with all the problems they’re singularly failing to deal with.”

Earlier, the Tory minister once again dismissed calls for Conservative MPs to wear masks in the chamber.

Wishart urged Rees-Mogg to “convince those menaces on the libertarian wing” of the Conservative Party to follow his lead and wear a face covering.

The SNP MP added: “He and I were at the same meeting and we were told by Public Health England that if everybody on this estate wore a face mask, infections would be cut by 12%.

“So, no more excuses, masks on mushes.”

Rees-Mogg replied: “I’m delighted [Wishart] is so easily pleased.

“Had I realised that he would become sweetness and light merely by my momentarily wearing a mask I may have been tempted to do it before the Christmas season or the season advent was upon us.”