THE UK Government ignored a recommendation made by Scottish MPs to review the electricity grid charging system that sees Scottish renewable energy sites pay millions more than equivalents in England.

Currently, it costs more for Scottish electricity producers to connect to the grid than elsewhere in the UK and across the whole of Europe.

Responsibility for grid charges in the UK lies with the Westminster government as it is not a devolved matter.

Scotland currently has 25% of Europe’s offshore wind capacity, but grid charges implemented by the UK Government mean that Scottish windfarms are 20% more expensive than farms south of the Border.

A 1GW windfarm off the Scottish coast will pay £38 million a year and a 1GW windfarm off south east England will get paid £7m a year - a £45m differential and close to a billion pounds over a 20 year period.

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In a report published earlier this year, the Scottish Affairs Committee recommended a review of the electricity grid charging system to make it fairer for all parts of the country and enable Scotland to achieve its renewable energy ambitions to supply clean energy across the British Isles and Europe.

The UK Government's response to the report, published on Wednesday, shows no agreement to review the system.

The response offloaded responsibility to energy regulator Ofgem, saying that the UK Government "recognises the need for increased capacity" on the National Grid.

The SNP's shadow energy and climate change minister Alan Brown MP (below) has said that the "sky-high" grid charges are impacting consumers and hampering climate change goals.

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He said: "Once again Scotland is being ignored by the Tories at Westminster. The sky-high grid charges aren’t just hampering Scotland’s renewable energy ambitions, they are impacting on energy consumers and hindering the aim of tackling climate change.

“SNP MPs have been making the case for months now that grid charges in Scotland need reformed and the Scottish Affairs Committee put forward credible and achievable recommendations, and set out the evidence showing the impact the unfair system is having on Scotland. But the UK Government refuses to even review it.

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“COP26 was only a month ago but it seems the UK Government has already forgotten all of its rhetoric and commitments by putting Scotland at a competitive disadvantage and jeopardising the UK’s entire net-zero plans.

“By refusing to address this unfair system, the Westminster government is making the case for us on why Scotland needs the full powers of independence.”