UNIONIST think tank These Islands should 'fully declare' where a £150,000 boost to its finances has come from, the SNP have said.

The pro-UK campaign group, incorporated in February 2017, updated its micro accounts on Companies House on Monday November 29.

The accounts show a massive boost to the Unionist group’s net assets from £12,359 in 2020 to a staggering £161,346 in 2021, a jump of £148,987.

The previous highest net asset shown in the group’s accounts only reached £19,576 in 2019.

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The SNP have called for These Islands to be transparent about where the funding has come from, stating that there is a “history of dark money funding pro-Union groups”.

We previously told how a mystery donor, registered in London, gave £46,000 to Unionist campaigners Scotland Matters in a bid to get the SNP out during the May election.

On its website These Islands state it relies on a “combination of generously donated time from our contributors and private donations”.

The National:

These Islands micro accounts are available on Companies House

Possible funders are then told that the objective of the group is to be “the voice of reason”, a “safe forum for debate” and to “build a positive case for the UK”, before being directed to a paypal link.

However, the group has declined to give any further details on where this cash boost has come from.

These Islands was set up by economist Kevin Hague in 2017, and its advisory board members include Professor Ronald MacDonald, historian Dan Snow, and previously Neil Oliver (pictured below).

The National:

The earliest accounts available on Companies House in 2018 show These Islands had assets of £32,039, but owed creditors £13,680, making their total net assets £18,359.

By 2019, the accounts had grown to assets of £20,877, owing creditors £1301, making total net assets £19,576.

The group’s assets dropped the following year in 2020 to £14,310, with debts of £1951 making the total £12,359.

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But this year's accounts show a massive change, with current assets at £165,346.

Debts of £4119 take the total net assets to £161,346 - a jump of £148,987 in a single year.

The only other information available on the sparse document is that These Islands only has one employee.

Hague is registered as both director and secretary on Companies House.

An SNP spokesperson said: "This so-called think tank is little more than a rebranding of what used to be called Better Together.

“Why would they be building up funds to fight a referendum campaign if they don't believe there will be one any time soon?

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"We also know there is a history of dark money funding pro-Union groups so, in the name of honesty and transparency, These Islands should fully declare who funds them."

The National approached These Islands for comment and an explanation on where the money came from, but it has not yet responded to our request.