CAMPAIGNERS have been out in force delivering a special pro-independence newspaper – and on Tuesday, we’re celebrating your snaps.

We asked those distributing the one million papers, produced in collaboration with the SNP and Believe in Scotland, to send in photographs.

On Tuesday, to mark St Andrew’s Day, we’ll be publishing a special 48-page National with a selection of the top photographs.

The eight-page newspaper featured original pieces from Nicola Sturgeon and other senior figures, focusing on wellbeing and how Scots will be better off in an independent Scotland.

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The campaign is one of the biggest newspaper printing operations in Scotland’s history and has brought the Yes case to an enormous number of people.

SNP branches and local Yes groups have been hard at work for weeks delivering the newspaper to one million homes up and down the country.

SNP president Michael Russel suggested the campaign was the start of something big.

Writing in The National he said: "I detect a renewed eagerness in the Yes camp.

"After a difficult time, and with the demands of the pandemic still upon us, we are once again limbering up to spread the independence message.

"We need to bring together as much of the Yes movement as possible and the newspaper (produced by three separate independence supporting organisations – the SNP, Believe in Scotland and The National) is not only a sign that it can done, but also a spur to greater effort."

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The SNP's deputy leader also praised the campaign for its work to convince undecided voters to back Yes.

During his speech at the SNP conference, Keith Brown commended the special edition paper as part of a “bold initiative” to reach undecided voters.

Brown said: “The last time I addressed conference, I urged everyone to ‘reach out for indy’.


“We know that to win a referendum on independence we must reach out to undecided voters.

“And we are strengthening relationships with others in the Yes movement to unite behind our campaign.

“That is why this month we embarked on the first of a series of bold initiatives to deliver our message to those yet to be convinced.

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“The SNP teamed up with our Green Party allies in government, the organisation Believe in Scotland and The National - unbelievably still the only newspaper in Scotland to support independence.

"Together we produced, printed and distributed our own newspaper to help build the case for independence.

“By St Andrew’s Day this coming Tuesday, that newspaper will have been delivered to one million homes across Scotland.

“Our ambition is only surpassed by the commitment of you, our members and activists, whose hard-work pounding the streets is making our ambition a reality - letterbox by letterbox by letterbox.”